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Up your holiday table game.

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Sure, plain place settings work just fine, but why not add a decorative note with these fun, country floral place cards? Here's a quick tutorial.

At their simplest, place cards let your guests know their designated seat at a table. These upgrades take only minutes to create, and make a thoughtful takeaway gift. If you use sturdy blooms of Charmelia® they'll not only last the evening, but can be placed in a bud vase once home for several WEEKS!

What you'll need:

  • A piece of kraft paper or other sturdy paper. Ours was trimmed to an 8" square.

  • A small paper doily

  • Jute twine or ribbon

  • Round tags and a marker

  • Stems of Charmelia® (or other sturdy flowers0, one for each guest

  • Tape

Start by bringing two corners of the paper square together. Form it into a tube, and then press flat with your hand. Place a small piece of tape to hold the folded sheet in place.

Next, wrap the doily around the kraft paper and tie in place with a piece of twine or ribbon. Write your guest's name and slide the tag onto the twine before tying.

That's it!

For an even more charming display, fold a cloth napkin (we're all using cloth napkins these days, right??) into a pocket and insert the flower and wrap into it.Here's a link for instructions on folding your napkins:

Another fun idea is to use a small gift bag at each place setting. Gather your bags and a small glass or vase to fit inside each one.

Place the vase inside the bag with a little water, then add flowers and arrange nicely. Tie the tag to one handle and you're done!

Instruct your guests to trim just a bit off of the stem when they arrive home, then place in a clean vase with cold water. Just one stem of Charmelia® can continue to bloom for several weeks, becoming more open and colorful as the days go by!

We hope you have a wonderful holiday filled with friends, family, joy and laughter.

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