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DIY Prom Clutch Bouquet

Prom season is soon upon us, and it’s time to think about flowers. Instead of the usual corsage or wristlet, why not carry an elegant clutch bouquet? A simplified version of the classic bridal bouquet, this design is well within the skills of an intrepid DIYer.

Our example starts with affordable, long lasting carnations. Despite their undeniable beauty, carnations have gained a bad reputation leading many people to think of them as no more than a cheap “filler flower”. This notion was popularized and perpetuated on that episode of Sex and the City when Charlotte and Carrie scoffed at the idea of a man bringing carnations on a first date. (For those of you too young to remember, the scene went like this: Charlotte says, “I knew it was going to be terrible,” she explains to her friend Carrie and Carrie’s boyfriend Jack, after a date. “The man brought me carnations.” “The man brought you flowers? What an a*****e,” says Jack. “Not flowers. Carnations,” replies Charlotte. “They’re filler flowers.”)

“Not flowers. Carnations,” replies Charlotte. “They’re filler flowers.”

In practice, carnations are gorgeous when grouped by themselves or with coordinating blooms. Massing carnations together amplifies the delicate ruffles and pure colors of these fragrant flowers. Our adorable bunch features carnations and Charmelia® together for an arrangement that will last all evening.

You will need:

  • A bunch of Charmelia® (three or four stems should be plenty for a smallish bouquet)

  • Several bunches of carnations in your choice of colors. Keep it monochromatic, or use a mixture of favorites. 12 to 16 stems will work

  • Ribbon to coordinate with your dress, or with your date’s outfit

  • Floral clippers (or sharp scissors) and wire

Start constructing the bouquet by laying the stems across one hand, turning and crossing stems as you add them. Arrange the flowers so that they form a soft mound. When all of the flowers are added, wrap wire around the stems to hold them together. Wrap a pretty ribbon over the wire and finish by tucking the ends in, fasten with a pretty pin or tie in a neat bow.

You can make your bouquet a day or two in advance, depending on how open the flowers are when purchased. Place your complete bouquet into a vase with water high enough to cover the bottoms of the stems but below the ribbon, and store it away from sunlight in a cool spot. Carnations and Charmelia® are sturdy enough to last throughout your special evening without additional water.

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