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Blooms That Last for Weeks!

One of the reasons that people shy away from fresh flowers is the perception that they don't last very long. Here are some tips to enjoy your blooms for as long as possible:

1. Pick long lasting varieties!

Charming Charmelia® continues to bloom for up to 21 days!

Some types of flowers are notorious for wilting quickly. Picking sturdy varieties, such as lilies, alstroemerias, chrysanthemums and beautiful Charmelia will ensure that you'll enjoy your fresh blooms longer.

2. When you bring the bouquet home from the store, begin by preparing the flowers properly. Remove any leaves that will fall below the water line. Leaves that are submerged will begin to decompose and make your water cloudy. Also, be sure to use the packet of flower food that's attached. Just add some to the water when you fill the vase.

2. Add fresh water regularly and give the stems a trim every few days.

3. Keep your arrangement away from strong sunlight and drafts from open windows or heating/cooling vents.

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